July 29, 2015

User Review

Kashflow Review Are you looking for a simple to use, jargon free accounting and book-keeping solution?

This blog aims to provide an honest and unbiased Kashflow Review from a real user.

Kashflow is online based accountancy software aimed towards small to medium sized businesses with a goal of making the accounting and book-keeping process a lot less daunting.

I have been using Kashflow for the last year and it has saved literally hours and hours of manual data processing time. Accounting and book-keeping used to be something I absolutely dreaded doing but with Kashflow it is now something I look forwards to.


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Getting Started

Getting started with Kashflow is an absolute breeze; there is a very detailed user manual available which will guide you step by step on what you need to do to setup your company records. The settings area allows you to easily edit your company details, enable VAT registration, edit your invoice layouts, manage your PayPal imports and much more – I was up and running in no more than 30 minutes. The use of “accounting terms” and complicated accountants “jargon” is non-existent in Kashflow so even if you have very little or no knowledge in accounting, you will find KashFlow easy enough to set-up.

The User Friendly Interface
One of the best things about Kashflow is the interface. If you can browse the internet and send an e-mail, you can work your way around Kashflow. Being online based you will feel right at home as it’s just like browsing any other website where all options are conveniently placed in a top menu bar allowing easy and fast access to your important data.

Automatic Accounting
One of the reasons I decided to write this kashflow review was to help eBay sellers like myself. As an eBay power seller keeping the books up to date was very overwhelming and certainly very time consuming. With the KashFlow automatic PayPal import tool I am now able to keep the books updated within just a few clicks of the mouse. It has saved hours of my time and dramatically reduced my accountant fees.

Kashflow has the ability to automatically connect to your PayPal account and import every single transaction either on a weekly basis or hourly basis (depending on your subscription). This feature alone is well worth the monthly subscription with the amount of time it can save, perfect for eBay and ecommerce sellers that use PayPal for receiving (and making) payments.

Tools & Reports
Just to make something clear, I am not an accountant  and all information within this blog is based on my experience of using Kashflow. With that said, browsing your way around the tools and reports provided really makes you feel like you are an accountant – and not in a bad or confusing way!  Before using Kashflow I was running a basic spreadsheet which though  it served it’s purpose I never had the luxary of being able to view exactly how my business was performing in just a few clicks.

Within the “Tools & Reports” section you can find a Profit & Loss report, Monthly Income reports (in graphical views), Balance Sheets,  Audit Trail, Income by Customer, Income by Payment Type, and much much more. All reports can literally be displayed in front of you in a matter of seconds meaing you can have full control over how well your business is performing. If you are VAT registered there is also the function to submit your VAT returns directly to H M Revenue & Customs instantly via Kashflow.

Is Kashflow Right For Your Business?
The best way I can possibly answer this question is – give kashflow a try and see for yourself.

Kashflow offers whole range of features and makes accounting and book-keeping extremely simple, however that’s not to say it is best suited to everyone. If you have just started in business and are only processing 5-10 transactions a week then a spreadsheet would probably cope with your book-keeping and accounting needs just fine.

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Kashflow are currently offering a 14 day no obligation free trial to allow businesses to use the full system and decide whether it is suited to their business and accounting needs. If you’ve tried packages such as Sage and Quickbooks but couldn’t really figure things out then you will definitely appreciate  the simplicity of Kashflow – Sign up now.

I hope you have found this kashflow review useful.